Step 2: Install the N-able N-central server upgrade

You can upgrade to N-able N-central 2023.4 by installing the upgrade file downloaded to your N-able N-central server or from N-ableMe.

  1. Log into the N-able N-central Administration Console using one of the following URLs:
    • https://<Your Server Address>/admin
    • https://<Your Server Address>:10000/
  2. On the Administrator Console under the Setup section, click Version Management.
  3. Choose one of the following:
  4. N-central Direct upgrade

    Remote upgrade from download location

    1. Select Install upgrade from local repository.
    2. Select an upgrade version from the list of available options.
    1. Select Install upgrade remotely.
    2. Click Browse and navigate to the .nsp file in N-ableMe
  5. Enter an e-mail address in the Notify this email address when complete field.
  6. Click Install.

    If you selected the Remote Upgrade option, the .nsp file will now be uploaded to the N-able N-central server.

    Please upload the .nsp upgrade file from a machine local to the N-able N-central server to avoid a file upload timeout on a slow internet connection.

    Once the .nsp file is uploaded, or if you are installing from the local repository, the upgrade file will now be extracted to the N-able N-central server. This can take a few moments.

  7. Click Confirm to begin the installation.

The N-able N-central Web UI and services will be stopped and the upgrade will be applied.

You can monitor the progress of the N-able N-central upgrade from the server console.

Do not reboot the N-able N-central server during the upgrade process even if it appears unresponsive.

To continue, proceed to Step 3: Complete post-installation steps.