Patch install maintenance windows

Patch install maintenance windows are used to initiate the installation of approved patches on devices. You can use the install maintenance window to select which patch classifications to install and when. For example, you can have a patch install maintenance window during the day for low impact updates such as drivers, and for higher impact updates, such as security updates and service packs, you can run the installs during off-peak work hours.

For more information on approving patches, see Approving patches automatically with rules.

Add a patch install maintenance window using rules. Alternatively, you can also run the Patch Setup Wizard to configure the install maintenance window as well as download and reboot maintenance windows.

  1. Click Configuration > MonitoringRules.
  2. To create an install window for a single device, click the device name and click SettingsMaintenance Windows.

  3. Click Add.
  4. Chose the type of access:
    • Public: A public rule, which can be viewed by all of the accounts.

    • Private: A private rule, which can be viewed by you and accounts at greater permission levels.

  5. Enter a name and description.
  6. In the Devices to Target tab, select the devices that will receive the patch updates.
  7. Click the Maintenance Windows tab.
  8. Click AddPatch ManagementAdd Installation Window.
  9. Enter a name for the maintenance window.
  10. In the Maintenance Options area, select the patch classifications to include in the installation window.
  11. Set the time when the installation will take place.
  12. Click Save > Save.

At the scheduled time, N-able N-central installs the defined patches to the selected devices.