Enable patch management with a rule

Create a rule to enable Patch Management on a device. A rule ensures that as new devices are discovered and added, the Patch Management feature of N-able N-central is enabled automatically.

You can also use the Patch Setup Wizard to guide you through the creation of the rule.

  1. Click Configuration Monitoring Rules.
  2. Click Add and enter a name and description for the rule.
  3. In the Devices to Target tab, select the Filters that targets a grouping of device types.
  4. Click the Network Device Configuration Options tab and click Patch Management.
  5. In the Action drop-down list, click Enable Patch Management and select the appropriate profile.
  6. Click the Maintenance Windows tab.
  7. Click AddPatch Management and configure the maintenance windows for discovery, downloading, installing and rebooting.
  8. Click the Grant Customers & Site Access tab to deploy the rule to customer sites. To propagate the rule to all newly added customer sites and devices, select Propagate to all new Sites onlyfrom the drop-down list.
  9. Click Save.

N-able N-central saves the rule and when a new device is discovered and added, it runs the rule to enable Patch Management on the device.