Approving patches manually

Manually approving patches ensures that typical system patches or system critical patches are downloaded and installed after reviewing that they are safe for the customer's environment. By manually approving patches you ensure that only the system and security critical patches needed by a customer, and fully tested patches, are downloaded and installed.

There are two ways you can manually approve patches: by patch or by device. Approving by patch ensures that new devices will have previously approved patches applied. Approving by device is useful in Break/Fix situations or exclusions. N-able recommends manually approving by patch.

Third party software patches are not incremental. This means that configuring a third party patch as Approved for Removal in N-able N-central will remove the entire application from the device and not just the software patch itself.

You configure patch approvals once you have configured a patch profile and applied it to a device using a rule.

Note that once you approve a patch, the approval is processed as a background task that may take some time to complete, depending on a number of factors. Because of this, the N-able N-central screen may not immediately reflect your selection.

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