Run Patch when device comes back online

Configure a Patch Profile so that if a device has missed their scheduled patch window, this feature will run a scheduled patch installation window once that device comes back online. A reboot will not be triggered. When a device has been offline or away from the office for an extended period of time and missed a patch maintenance window, this ensures that any critical patches are installed as soon as possible when the device connects to the network again.

  1. Click Configuration > Patch Management.
  2. In the Patch Profiles area, click Manage Patch Profiles and click the patch profile name.
  3. In the Run Missed Install Windows When Device Comes Back Online section, click Run Patch Installation Window If Missed and set the time to wait before running installation window.
  4. Click Save.

When a device returns to the office, after the defined wait time, Patch Manager will begin updating the device with the scheduled patches.