Enable the delaying patch auto approvals

Delaying patch auto approvals enables you to configure auto approvals for patches and set a time post-release when they are installed.

Automatic patch approvals ensure that typical system patches or system critical patches are downloaded and installed without waiting for review. However, you may want a patch to "sit" for a duration to ensure there are no issues with the new patch. This enables you to catch and decline problematic patches before they have a chance to reach your customers. You can set a delay of as many days needed to ensure there are no issues with the patchN-able recommends a delay of up to 15 days. This allows for time to review and install the patch before the update is superseded by the next month's release.

You cannot set a patch approval delay and apply patches immediately.

If you have set a delay on the auto approval, when executing the Run Rule Now feature, N-able N-central respects the delay time. That is, the patch is not applied.

  1. Click Configuration > Patch Management.
  2. Click Automatic Approval and click Add.
  3. Complete the automatic approval rule.
  4. Click the Advanced Configuration tab.
  5. Click the Delay approvals by radio button and enter the number of days to delay the patch install. The delay time can be between one and 360 days.
  6. Click Save.

Patch Manager adds the auto approval with the delay to install. The patch remains in a state of no approval.

If a patch is re-released/published/superseded and the patch is currently still in "no approval" state, the delay will apply to the updated patch.