Run Automatic Patch Approval Rule

Run Rule Now executes a selected Automatic Patch Approval Rule against all existing patches that are waiting to be installed and patches that will be approved according to the rule. This includes previously configured Declined states and device-level approvals.

Automatic Patch Approval Rules generate patch approvals when one of three things happen:

  • a new device appears
  • a new patch appears

  • the rule is run manually

The order in which patch approvals are executed depends on factors like the action (e.g. install, decline, etc.), the level they were created at, etc. To learn more, see Hierarchy & rule order in the Automatic Approval Rules page.

If you have set a delay on the auto approval, N-able N-central respects the delay time. That is, the patch is not applied until the specified time, at which they are promoted to standard approvals and are executed based on the hierarchy.

  1. Click ConfigurationPatch Management.
  2. In the Patch Approval area, click Automatic Approvals.
  3. Select an approval rule from the list and click Run Rule Now.
  4. A dialog box appears. Select from:
    • Run Rule Now (Preserve Settings): Rules are executed from top-to-bottom and results created by one rule are not overwritten by the next executed rule..
    • Run Rule Now (Clear and Re-evaluate): Rules are executed from bottom-to-top and each executed rule can overwrite results from the rule executed before it.

N-able N-central runs the approval rule and triggers the patch installation.