N-central third-party software patch list

3PP patch third party patch n-central third party patch third-party patch

The table below lists the third party patches available through Patch Management.

The Windows agent communicates with the probe to determine what third-party applications can be updated. The agent obtains a list of applications from the probe and compares it to the software installed on a device. The agent determines what applications on a device need to be updated, and sends the list of available software updates needed on the device to N-able N-central to be approved by the administrator.

For more information on how Patch Manager provides third-party patching, see Patching third-party software.

Use the table's InstallerURLs location when configuring vendor and patch exclusions in your firewalls and other web-monitoring software.

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If you would like to see additional vendors and products included in our third-party patch list, please raise a request in our Ideas portal.

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