Patch Installation Status report

The Patch Installation Status report provides information on installed or missing patches on devices for all of your customers. Use the information in this report for patch assessment, patch rollout planning, or detecting any malfunctioning patches that need to be removed.

This procedure can only be performed at the Service Organization level or Customer level.

  1. Click ReportsStatus > Patch Installation Status.
  2. Select the time Period.
  3. Select the Start Date and Time.
  4. Select the category to filter the Devices and select the appropriate devices from the available list.
  5. Select the Patch Filter, and select the appropriate criteria.
  6. Select the Status criteria.
  7. Select Include only patches missing for more than <x> days to add an age criteria by which missing patches will be filtered from the report.

    Selecting this option requires that you type a value for the number of days in which patches have been missed.

  8. Click View Report.

The report appears on screen. You can email or save the report to your hard disk.