Patch Approvals and Installations report

The Patch Approvals and Installations report shows the number of patches by installation status for each approval status for specific patch classifications and install status or by KB article number.

This report shows any changes for a device in relation to the installation status or approval status. This includes approval modifications or new approvals even if the patch is already installed.

The report contains data from start date to date of report generation.

The following are not included in the report if they were issued before start date:

  • Approved Installed
  • Declined Not Installed
  • Approved for Removal Not Installed

This procedure can only be performed at the Service Organization level or Customer level.

  1. Click ReportsStatus > Patch Approvals and Installations.
  2. Select the Start Date and Time.
  3. Select the categories to filter the devices by.
  4. Select how to search on patches, either by classification/installation, or by KB article number.
  5. Select Include Devices without Patch Management to include devices not currently being patched.
  6. Select Include Details, which enables additional details.

    This option is only available at the Customer level.

  7. Click View Report.

The report appears on screen. You can email or save the report to your hard disk.