Create a report of all installed software on devices

Use N-able N-central and Report Manager reports to survey what software is installed on your customer's devices.

There are two reporting options to see what software is installed on devices:

Detailed Asset Report

  1. At Customer level click Reports > Asset > Detailed Asset.
  2. Select the devices you want to run the report against.
  3. Click View Report.
  4. Click Export or Email to generate the report to send to your customer.

Software Inventory Report

  1. At the SO level or Customer level, click Reports > Report Manager.
  2. Click Managed Assets and click Software Inventory Report.
  3. Select the Customers or Sites.
  4. Select the additional report options as required.
  5. Select the format for the report.
  6. Click Generate Report.

Report Manager generates the report in the selected format and downloads it to your computer.