Add correlated notifications

You can group notifications together as correlated notifications. When all of the associated notification profiles have been triggered, N-able N-central sends a correlated notification to the recipients, rather than multiple individual notifications.

Create correlated notifications at the SO level to create templates for customer level notifications. When you create correlated notifications at the SO level, you create the container for the notification profiles. That is, you define who receives the notifications and when. At the Customer level, you add the specific notification profiles for that particular customer.

When you create correlated notifications at the Customer level, you can add notification profiles. The correlated notifications are only available within the customer where you create them.

  1. Click ConfigurationMonitoringNotifications and click Add Correlated Notification.
  2. Enter a Name.
  3. Select Suppress Child Notifications to prevent N-able N-central from sending notifications twice if the recipient is the same for the correlated notification and associated notification. For more information see Suppressing Notifications below.
  4. Select the timing, repetition and recipients for the first and subsequent escalated notifications.
  5. Only the user accounts that have a specified notification method are listed as recipients.

  6. In the Associate Notification Profiles section, select the notification profiles to include in the correlated notification.
  7. This section only appears at the Customer Level.

  8. Click Save.

The correlated notification is created. For Service Organization level correlated notifications, notification profiles can be added at the Customer-level and used as a basis for a Customer-level correlated notification. Customer level correlated notifications can be used immediately. Users will receive their notifications as configured.

See Correlated notifications example.

Suppressing notifications

Suppressing child notifications prevents notifications from being sent twice to a recipient of a correlated notification and an associated notification profile.

For example:

  • the recipients for correlated notification A are User1 and User2,
  • the recipients for associated notification X are User1 and User3,
  • the recipients for associated notification Y are User1 and User4.

The notifications for User1 from Notification X and Notification Y are suppressed because they are included in the correlated notification A. If child notifications were not suppressed, then User1 would receive all notifications.