Use a rule to automate monitoring

N-able N-central rules provide an easy way to set up monitoring on new devices. Rules enable you to automate the application of service templates to adding new devices to the network. You can configure the rules using filters so that, depending on the type of device, certain service templates and services are automatically put in place to begin monitoring the devices. This automation saves time, rather than manually finding new devices to determine what is installed and what needs monitoring.

For example, using a DHCP filter. When N-able N-central discovers a new DHCP server, it applies the service template containing the appropriate services for monitoring DHCP and applies a notification profile for DHCP servers.

N-able N-central includes default rules that apply services templates to devices that meet the rule's criteria.

  1. Go to ConfigurationMonitoring > Rules, and click Add.
  2. Enter a Name and Description.
  3. Click the Devices to Target tab, and select the filters to apply.
  4. Click the Monitoring Options tab, select the service template and notifications that meet the filter criteria.
  5. Click the Grant Customers/Sites Access tab, select the Customers/Sites where you want to apply this rule.
  6. Click to select Propagate to all new customers/sites to apply this rule to all future customers or sites.
  7. Click Save.

As new devices are added in N-able N-central, they are evaluated based on the filter criteria. If met, N-able N-central applies the selected service templates and begins monitoring the device.