Manage application compliance settings

Application compliance settings enable you to change the acceptance of an application, and categorize new applications as N-able N-central discovers them. Within the settings you define whether a software title is allowed or not on a device. Discovered applications that were not tagged by the application compliance rules also appear here, waiting for categorization.

This feature is only available at the Service Organization level and Customer level.

  1. Click ConfigurationMonitoring > Application Compliance Settings.
  2. In the Discovered Applications list, click the check box next to the application name.
  3. Click Move To and select a category from the drop-down menu.
  4. To see what devices are using the software, click Show Associations.

  5. Click Propagate to apply the change across all devices. Otherwise, the change will only affect newly discovered devices.

The application item moves to the selected category. If you selected Propagate, N-able N-central applied the change across the current devices list.