Agent vs. Agentless (Probe) Monitoring

When monitoring devices in N-able N-central, you have the option to use agent or agentless (probe) monitoring. While both allow N-central to monitor devices, there are some differences between agent and agentless monitoring capabilities.

Agent monitoring

  • Allows for local API-based monitoring services

  • Allows for the installation of the following N-able N-central features:

    • Patch Management

    • Automation Manager

    • Backup manager and most backup monitoring

    • AV Defender

    • Direct support

Agentless (probe) monitoring

  • Does not allow for local API-based monitoring services

  • Does not allow installation of N-able N-central features

  • Requires a probe, which acts as a centralized software that reaches out over the network to collect information

  • Uses SNMP, TCP, syslogs, WMI, etc.

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