Direct support for printers

The Printers feature in the Direct Support interface enables you to view and manage the printers that are configured on a managed device. With the printer tool you can view detailed printer information, set default printers, start and stop print jobs, print test pages and delete printers.

You can control the information displayed in table by clicking on the table options icon at the far right of the column titles.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Select the Network Devices tab.
  3. Click the Name of a device.
  4. In the Device Details screen, click Tools.
  5. Click Printers.
  6. In the Select User drop-down menu, select the user account.

A list of printer and output options appear.

Use the Select User drop-down menu to select the user account where printers are controlled on the managed device. You cannot directly login to a Windows computer using one of these Service User Accounts but they are provided as options so that an administrator can configure applications and printers to run or function using these accounts. As with a Windows User Account, you can also perform printer operations using the Service User Accounts as well.

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