Apply service templates to a device

Service templates are groupings of services you can use to monitor devices. You can standardize monitoring of devices by applying service templates.

When you create a service template, you define the device class that the template relates to, the services included in the service template, and the values and thresholds that the agent reports to N-able N-central. The benefit of service templates is in the propagation of the template across multiple devices. If there is a need for additional monitoring, removal of a service, or a change in the monitored values, changing a template automatically propagates to all devices, without the need to adjust every device individually. When changed at the Service Organization level, all occurrences of that template across all of your customers change automatically.

For more information, see the service templates help topics.

This procedure can only be done at the Customer or Site level.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Select the check box next to a device. Click the check box next to the Customer/Site column heading to select all devices.
  3. Click Apply Service Templates.

    The Apply Service Templates screen appears. If the devices selected belong to more than one device class, there will be a section for each device class.

  4. Click the heading to expand the list of service templates available for each device class.
  5. Locate the service template in the Service Templates list and move it to the Selected Service Templates list.
  6. Click Apply. The Service Template Application Report screen appears with serve templates that match the device class of the selected device.
  7. Click OK.

The service templates are applied to the devices. Services within the template begin monitoring the devices.