Updated: 11 June 2024

Install an agent using a URL link

If a domain or a shared admin account is not available across all devices, or if access to some managed devices is restricted, installing an N-central agent becomes necessary. You can simplify this process for the end user by providing a link. Clicking this link starts the agent's installation from the server.

For enhanced security, customers installing with a URL link will require authentication using a registration token to install the agent.

This method requires interaction with your customers.

  1. At the Customer level, click Actions > Download Agent/Probe.
  2. From the Select Customer/Site drop-down menu, select a customer or site.
  3. Click Get Registration Token. For more information on registration tokens, see Registration tokens for agent installation.
  4. A dialog box appears with the registration token. Click Copy Token and send it to the customer with the URL link to the agent download.
  5. Click Get New to generate a new registration token.
  6. Generating a new registration token does not invalidate the previous token. This enables you to generate multiple tokens for the same customer if required.

  7. Provide your customer with a download link to the current version of the agent installer from your N-central server. Use the following link format:

    "https://" + $serverHost + "/download/current/winnt/N-central/WindowsAgentSetup.exe"

    Send the download link and registration token to the customer. They will be prompted to enter their login credentials to begin the download.

    The customer can click the link to begin the installation. When the customer begins the installation, they need to enter the customer ID, customer name and registration token. You may wish to advise your customer to click Next to all prompts.

The agent software installs and communicates with the N-able N-central server. After installing an agent, N-able N-central discovers the device and restarts the backup Windows services to update database configuration.

Silent install

You can also use registration tokens during a silent install. For example:


For more information on silent windows agent installs see Silent install of Windows agent or probe.