Updated: April 27, 2021

Install agents using a group policy script

Use a group policy script to deploy an agent on Windows devices that N-able N-central automatically discovers. This ensures that an agent is reinstalled the next time you run the Group Policy. Use this method when there is no access to your devices under management. That is, no domain or common admin account across all devices.

N-able N-central includes a group policy script you can download and use through group policy objects. In Group Policy, there are two methods of deploying scripts: at computer start up or shutdown, or at user login or log out.

Computer start up and shutdown scripts are run using the local system account providing suitable access permission to install Windows agents. User logon and log out scripts are run by the user performing this task. This script is only effective if it is run by an Administrator user. It is best to use the computer start up or shutdown script Group Policy Objects.

For the Windows agent to function, the following requirements must be met:

  • The Windows agent will be installed to the default directory.
  • The Windows agent installation software is located in the folder <installerShare> with the filename WindowsAgentSetup.exe.
  • The Windows agent installation software is the Service Organization-level installation software.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later is installed.

You need the customer ID. To find it, click Administration > Customers and look in the Access Code column.

  1. At the SO level, click Actions > Download Agent/Probe.
  2. In the System Agent/Probe area, click Group Policy Deployment Script.
  3. The web browser downloads the batch file installNableAgent.bat to your computer.
  4. Copy the installNableAgent.bat script file to a shared network drive that is accessible for group policy implementation.
  5. Configure a computer startup or shutdown script Group Policy Object. For more information, see the Microsoft TechNet article: Assign Computer Startup Scripts.
  6. Include the command line argument in the script: <N-central server FQDN or IP> <customerID> <installerShare> <REGISTRATION_TOKEN>
  7. For information on the registration token, see Registration tokens for agent installation.

  8. The <installerShare> value does not need to begin with \\ or end with a trailing \. For example, installNable.bat ashbury.n-able.com 109 localhost\share

The next time that the target computers shut down and restart, the GPO will direct the Windows agent to install on the designated devices.

To verify that the agents have connected to N-able N-central, click Views > All Devices. There will be a version number displayed in the Agent Version column for the device.