Add a probe to N-able N-central

When you install N-able N-central, you can set up customers and clients, and add probes. Probes enable you to monitor devices on a client's network. You need to download, install the probe software. However, you can configure the probes before installing the probe software.

Windows probes can monitor and manage WMI, ICMP, SNMP, syslog-based, and TCP/IP services, and asset-discovery tasks.

For information on installing probes, see Installing a Windows probe.

This procedure can only be done at the Customer or Site level.

  1. Click AdministrationProbes and click Add.
  2. Select the customer.
  3. Enter a Name and Description.
  4. Click the System Communication tab and complete the field.
  5. Here you can download the probe software to install on a server. Note the activation key. You will need this during the installation.

  6. Click the Caching tab and edit as required. For more information on caching, see Data Persistence with Windows probes.
  7. Click Save.

A new probe element is added to N-able N-central. You can now install the probe software on a customer server and configure it using the activation key and information for N-able N-central.

You can edit the probe settings later by clicking AdministrationProbes and clicking the probe name from the list.