Updated: October 27, 2023

Add Script/Software to the N-able N-central repository

Create custom scripts to perform routine tasks on your customers' devices. Upload the script and add it to the N-able N-central script/software repository. You can then use the scripts in a scheduled task.

Scripts you can add to the N-able N-central repository include:

  • Automation Manager policies,
  • File transfer packages,
  • Windows and macOS Scripts, abd
  • Third party software packages.

Uploaded files must meet the following requirements:

  • Scripts must be in batch file (.bat) or Visual Basic (.vbs, .vb, .vbe), or PowerShell format.
  • Third party software packages must be InstallShield, MSI, or Wise installers.
  • Files must not exceed 500 MB. A file reported by your operating system as 500 MB or more may fail at upload due to rounding performed by your operating system.

Access the script repository

  1. Click Configuration > Scheduled Tasks > Script/Software Repository.
  2. Click Add > Scripting or AI Assisted Scripting.

To upload a script from your computer to the repository:

  1. Provide a script Name for identification.

  2. Populate the Description with the script’s purpose.

  3. Next to File Name, click Browse to locate the script file.

  4. Click Open to upload the script file.

  5. Complete any Command Line Parameters (optional).

  6. Click OK.

You can also add scripts to the repository from the Scheduled Tasks > Add/Delete > Add > Scripting dialog and select From My Computer in the Location drop-down.

Information on co-authoring your scripts with Artificial Intelligence can be found in the AI Assisted Scripting section.

N-able N-central uploads the script to the repository for use with scheduled tasks.

After adding the script, you can action changes by following the steps outlined in Review Scripts in the N-central repository.