Reset the passcode of mobile devices

Important Update: Please read our release note about important updates and limited functionality of our Mobile Device Management solution with the launch of our new Device Management for Apple (DMA). We recommend you enroll your iOS devices with DMA. Read more about migrating from MDM to DMA.

Reset the passcode for the lock screen of a mobile device for access to the device. If a user forgets their passcode to access their device, or if an employee leaves the organization and does not provide the lock screen passcode, you can reset it to the default setting so that the information on the phone can be accessed.

You cannot reset the passcode on an Android device is version 7 or higher, due to a Google restriction.

For both iOS and older Android devices, resetting the passcode removes the unlock PIN or the swipe pattern on Android devices.

If a mobile device passcode profile has been applied to the device, the Profile may require a configured passcode immediately upon accessing the device.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Click the Mobile Devices tab and select the check box next to the device (or devices).
  3. Click Reset Passcode, then click Yes.

The passcode is reset on the device back to the default code.