SQL Server Automation_Objects

Automation automation objects automation policy tasks automation manager

Automation Manager enables you to eliminate repetitive tasks across your customer base by creating repeatable processes known as Automation Policies, using a visual "drag and drop" scripting interface.

Assembling an Automation Manager Policy draws on the Automation Objects (a set of actions or tasks) library. To make automating processes easier, N-able N-central includes the default SQL Server Automation Objects listed below.

Attach Database

Backup All Databases

Connect to Database

Detach Database

Execute a SQL Query

Get SQL Database Files

List SQL Databases

List SQL Instances

List SQL Ports

SQL Database Defragmentation Level

SQL Integrity Check Catalog

SQL Integrity Check DB

SQL Integrity Check DB Allocations

SQL Integrity Check DB Tables

SQL Rebuild Table Indexes

SQL Reorganize Table Indexes