Modify an Automation Manager Policy

Automation Manager opens in a separate window from N-able N-central and provides a quick and easy drag-and-drop interface for working with Automation Policies.

You cannot directly modify a default policy. To make changes, use the Clone feature to create a copy of the policy and then edit the cloned version.

When modifying a policy, do not insert a Breakpoint (F9) after an object if you want to pause the policy. Breakpoints only work in debug mode.

  1. Expand Actions in the left navigation pane.
  2. Click Start Automation Manager.
  3. In the Automation Manager interface, click File > Open and select the policy to edit.
  4. Update the Policy properties as required.
  5. To rename an Automation Policy or to edit the Description, click Options > Properties.
  6. After you complete your changes, click File > Upload to upload the Policy to the Script/Software Repository or click File > Save to save the Policy to your local computer or a network share.

    In the toolbar, you can also click the icon to upload the Policy or the icon to save the Policy.