Modify an Automation Manager Policy

Automation Manager opens in a separate window from N-able N-central and provides a quick and easy drag-and-drop interface for working with Automation Policies.

To edit the default policy, create a copy of the policy by using the Clone feature, then editing the cloned version.

When modifying a policy, do not insert a Breakpoint (F9) after an object if you want to pause the policy. Breakpoints only work in debug mode.

  1. Click Actions > Start Automation Manager.
  2. In the Automation Manager interface, click File > Open and select the policy to edit.
  3. Update the Policy properties as required.
  4. To rename an Automation Policy or to edit the Description, click Options > Properties.
  5. After you complete your changes, click File > Upload to upload the Policy to the Script/Software Repository or click File > Save to save the Policy to your local computer or a network share.

    In the toolbar, you can also click the icon to upload the Policy or the icon to save the Policy.