Debug an Automation Manager policy

Automation Manager opens in a separate window from N-able N-central and provides a quick and easy drag-and-drop interface for working with Automation Policies.

The debugging feature of Automation Manager is similar to using Run except that it proceeds through the policy by highlighting the execution of each automation object one step at a time and at a slower pace in order to allow easier reviewing.

  1. Click Actions > Start Automation Manager.
  2. In the Automation Manager interface, click File > Open.
  3. Click on the name of the Policy that you want to debug and click Open.
  4. You can configure Breakpoints within the Policy where the debugging will pause until you indicate that it can continue as follows:
  5. Breakpoints only work in debug mode. You cannot insert a Breakpoint when creating or modifying a policy.

  6. Select the Automation Object in the Policy that you want to configure as a Breakpoint.
  7. Click Debug > Toggle Breakpoint.
  8. Repeat this procedure for every Object you want to configure as a Breakpoint.
  9. A icon appears beside each Object that is a Breakpoint.

  10. Click Debug > Go.

If the debug process is stopped or when it pauses at a Breakpoint, click Debug > Continue to have the debug process continue the step-by-step review of the Policy.

You can stop the debug process at any time during the step-by-step review of the Policy by clicking DebugStop.