Restart processes overview

Restart processes lets you restart services or sendmail processes that run on the N-central server. These processes facilitate system operations and therefore must run on the central server.

The State column displays the current states of the system services. It displays two types of states: Running and Stopped.

The Master PID column displays the master process ID given by the system to a service at the beginning of its execution. The PID Count displays the total number of processes that are running for the service. This total includes the Master process and its sub-processes. For example, a PID count of five for the HTTPD-DMS service indicates the ongoing execution of the service's master process and its four sub-processes.

A value greater than zero displayed for the Master PID and the PID Count indicates that the service is running. A value of zero or an absence of a value, indicates that the service has stopped running. When a service stops running, you should select the Restart Services option.

Restarting the services may not ensure success. Make sure that you confirm success visually by looking at the service status in the system user interface.

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