Download database backups

Download the database backups to save the files created on the N-able N-central server during a database backup. This provides a location from to safely store server data and restore in the event of a failure or data loss on the N-able N-central server.

Downloading database backups is only available at the System and Product Admin level.

When downloading a database backup, you can download the backup file and its digest file or only the backup file. The backup digest file contains the checksum needed to detect any errors that may have occurred during the backup or movement of the file.

  1. Click AdministrationSystem Backup and Restore > Download Backups.
  2. Locate the backup file and click Download Backup next to the file name.
  3. If required, click Download Digest beside the name of the backup file.

The browser downloads the files to your local hard disk and can now be used to restore the server data.