Restore the N-able N-central server from a system backup

Restore the N-able N-central server database in the event of a failure or data loss. Restoring the database enables you to restore the system database on the N-able N-central server with a backup.

This feature is only available at the System or Product Administrator level.

When you initiated a backup of the databases, N-able N-central created a backup file and a backup digest file. The backup file contains all of the information needed to restore the database and the digest file contains the checksum to verify that the backup has been corrupted.

During the restore you can choose to restore the historical data and/or network information. The historical data includes statistics on device statuses and system events. The network information includes the DHCP, hostname, IP address, netmask, default gateway, primary and secondary DNS, and mail relay server.

When restoring the database, the time zone configuration of the target server must be the same as the source server.

  1. Reinstall the same version of N-able N-central that was installed before the failure.
  2. Click AdministrationSystem Backup and Restore > Restore Backup.
  3. Select the location of the backup file from the Restore Method drop-down menu and complete the required fields related to your selection.
  4. Choose the type of information you want to restore.
  5. Select Asynchronous Restore to restore your configuration as soon as possible, while restoring historical monitoring data over a period of hours or days. Expect extra load, from delayed monitoring data of endpoints as well as database history restore, especially for some hours after a restore of N-able N-central.

  6. Select any notifications to confirm the completion or failure of the system restore.
  7. Click the check box to select Disable All Outbound Communication.
  8. If this option is selected, it will prevent all PSA tickets, notifications, warranty requests, and other messages from being transmitted by the N-able N-central server.
  9. Click Save and Restore Backup.

N-able N-central saves the backup settings and restores the database and information. Once complete, the Setup screen will appear.

If the restoration fails, users at all of the permission levels will not be able to access N-able N-central for five minutes, and the database will remain unchanged.