Add a customer site using the Site Wizard


The Add Site Wizard guides you through the creation of a new site. The wizard steps you through the creation of the site, default login, and adding devices.

To access the "Add Site Wizard" at the Customer level.

  1. Expand Actions in the left navigation pane.

  2. Click Add Site.

Create a Site screen

Enter the site name.

When selecting a name ensure:

  • Name does not start with these characters: =, -, +,@

  • Name does not contain these characters:  %, &, $, #, <, >, ;, " ,  /, \

Select the license type and basic network credentials for the location. This is also where you can set the default User Name and Password that the Windows probes and agents use when running scripts, pushing software and performing other administrative tasks. You can also review any default custom properties assigned to the site, and select a value or and modify the property if required.

Add Devices screen

Use this screen to download and install a Windows probe. You can also manually install agents, set up devices for external websites or IP addresses such as a firewall external port or a SaaS solution. Use this screen to also invite mobile devices so you can manage them.

Manage Devices screen

This screen wraps up the wizard and enables you to add or import additional devices that may already have an agent installed, or to jump to the All Devices page to begin working with the customer's site devices.