Enable Office-365 as a mail relay server

N-able N-central can send email notifications to users and technicians to alert them when a device will be updated or rebooted. You can configure a mail relay server that N-able N-central uses to send the email messages.

The Email Address used in N-able N-central to send emails must match the account used to login to Office 365.

You can also configure N-able N-central to use Office 365 as a relay server. Ensure that Office 365 is configured as a SMTP relay. For more information on setting up the Office 365 relay server, see the Microsoft TechNet website for instructions on setting up a multifunction device or application to send email using Office 365.

  1. Go toAdministration > Mail and Network Settings > SMTP Authentication.
  2. Select Use Mail Relay Server.
  3. Enter smtp.office365.com for the Mail Relay Server address.
  4. Enter 587 as the Port that the mail relay server uses for communicating with N-able N-central.
  5. Select Enable Authentication.
  6. Select LOGIN from the Authentication Method drop-down menu.
  7. Enter and Save the login credentials that N-able N-central will use to authenticate with the mail relay server.

When N-able N-central sends notifications, it will use the configured email server.