Set up Office 365 email address in N-able N-central

You can configure N-able N-central to use Office 365 to send email messages and notifications. The email address used in N-able N-central to send emails must match the account used to login to Office 365.

Alternatively you can also set a send-as permission (Alias) in Office 365 for any additional addresses you need to send as, but they need to be associated to the authenticating account.

  1. Go to Administration > Defaults > Customized System Email.
  2. Enter the email address and select Propagate .
  3. Click Save.

When N-able N-central sends an email message, the address that will appear in the From field will be the configured address.

You will also need to change the sender's email address in the Notification Templates.
Navigate to Administration > Defaults > Notification Templates, and enter the correct Sender Email Address for each template used.