Administration Utilities Menu

The Administration Utilities menu provides access to important information like log levels, agent/probe configuration, and session timeouts.

To access the Administration Utilities menu, you must be at the System Level with the necessary permissions. Read more about the required permissions in the Administration > Reference table in Permissions dictionary & menus.

Active Sessions

View a list of active sessions which includes http session ID, originating IP, and the DMS Session ID.

Agent/Probe Configuration

Force a configuration update for agents and/or probes.
Agent Logs View/search through a list of agent logs or delete saved agent logs.
Log Levels View N-able N-central log files to locate information about the activities of various system processes.
Server Code Drops Upload and apply patches for fixes to N-able N-central and view a history of applied patches.
Session Timeout Set the session timeout for UI, NMS, and MMS sessions.
View Logs View/search through a list of logs or delete saved agent logs.

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