Log management

N-able N-central keeps log files that record the activities of the various system processes. You can download these log files to help you troubleshoot issues. Your administrator can also set and propagate the level of detail for some of the log files.

Log management is only available at the system or product administrator level.

The availability and content of log files is dependent on the configuration of your network.

Log File Description

DMS Service Log

Records the activities generated between the:

  • agents and the ServerMMS server
  • ServerNMS and the NMSserver during notification retrieval and transmission
  • ServerUI and the User Interface

DMS Profile Log

Records SQL interactions with the database.

DMS Service Maint Log

Records maintenance activities.

DMS Service Maint Translator Log

Records notification keyword translation.

DMS Service Maint Vacuum Log

Records database vacuum activity.

DMS Service Stats Log

Records statistics and timings for tasks performed by the DMS.

DMS Malformed Data Log

Records the details of all data submissions from the agents and probes that were not accepted by the central server because the data was bad.

Backup Log

Records the activities of the database backup process, including the name of the backup file that is created.

Restore Log

Records the activities of the database restore process, including the name of the file that is being used for the restore and the version of the product that is being restored.

System Upgrade Installation Log

Records the events of the installation script.

System Status Log

Records the status of all services running on the server, and all status changes, such as stops and restarts.

Mail Log

Records the activity status of the sendmail server.

Mail Queue Status

Records the performance of the mail queue server and the number of sendmail requests that are in the mail queue.

Data Export Log

Records activities of the data export to an external MS SQL database.

Security Audit Log

Records all of the sign-in attempts to N-able N-central that have failed due to an invalid password or locked account. This log also records the user locking and unlocking events.

UI Log

Records important log messages from the user interface component.

Maint Log

Records maintenance activities.


Records activities of the monitoring application of the central server.


Records activities of the application that transmits the system's notifications and reports.