Install Security Manager manually on a single device

A manual installation enables you to target a specific device or group of devices and force an immediate or delayed download. This procedure is fine for one-off operations. For example, if you add a new device and need immediate anti-virus protection. However, if you are adding devices at random intervals throughout a large network, you should use rules to trigger automatic installations.

After a manual installation, you need to install, reboot, upgrade as separate operations or define these tasks in a Maintenance Window.

Security Manager | AV Defender is only available for the Windows operating system.

If you want to install Security Manager on multiple devices, see Install Security Manager manually on multiple devices.

When AV Defender is installed, there is an option available to automatically remove any existing security software. For best results, remove the competitor's antivirus software using that software's uninstall program if possible before installing AV Defender. some devices may need to be rebooted after the removal of existing antivirus software before N-able N-central installs AV Defender.

To install AV Defender, the target device must have a minimum of 1 GB of free disk space on the drive where the root directory (%programfiles%) is located.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Click name of the device and click Edit.
  3. Click the Settings tab > Security Manager tab.
  4. Click the Enable Security Manager check box.
  5. Click the Run Pre-Install Scan check box.
  6. Select your AV Defender Configuration Profile.
  7. Click when to run the install: Immediately or During Maintenance Window.
  8. From the Competitor AV Cleanup drop-down, click Standard Removal and Registry/File Cleanup.
  9. Click Save.

At the configured time, N-able N-central installs Security Manager. Installation of AV Defender can take anywhere from five to 60 minutes on a server operating under normal conditions.

When completed, you can review the status of the installation on a device. Click ViewsDevices and look for the Security Manager icon in the Features column. It should now appear active (blue). Hover your cursor over the icon for more information.

If AV Defender still detects a removed third party anti virus application

Complete the following steps if there are still remnants of a third party anti virus application in the registry, file system, or WMI name space after you have uninstalled it.

  1. On the device click Settings and click the Security Manager tab.
  2. Deselect the Enable Security Manager option.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Settings and the Security Manager tab again and click to select Enable Security Manager.
  5. On the Competitor AV Cleanup drop-down menu, select No Removal.
  6. Click Save.

This will make the AV Defender installation complete without attempting to detect any third party AV software.