Install Security Manager automatically

An automatic installation uses N-able N-central Rules and Maintenance Windows and lets the system take care of new devices as they are added.

Security Manager | AV Defender is only available for the Windows operating system.

When AV Defender is installed, there is an option available to automatically remove any existing security software. However, it is recommended that for best results you remove the competitor's antivirus software using the uninstall program supplied if possible before installing AV Defender. some devices may need to be rebooted after the removal of existing antivirus software before N-able N-central installs AV Defender.

  1. Click Configuration > Monitoring Rules.
  2. Click the AV Defender - Deployment to Workstations - Standard Environment rule.

    If you don't see this rule, click Add to create a rule. Then complete the steps below.

  3. On the Devices to Target tab, choose a filter and move it to the Selected Filters list. The filter targets the devices where you want to install Security Manager.
  4. Click the Network Device Configuration Options tab.
  5. In the Security Manager area, in the Action drop-down list box select Install Security Manager.
  6. For the Start Installation setting, click During Maintenance Window.
  7. Click the Maintenance Windows tab and click AddScheduled Maintenance.
  8. In the Features drop-down list box, click Specific Features and click to clear all but Security Manager.
  9. In the Scheduled Configuration area, set the install time.
  10. Click Save.

    Schedule the install after hours or during the weekend to avoid interruption in the ordinary service of the affected devices.

  11. Click the Grant Customers & Sites Access tab and select to deploy Security Manager to all new customers and sites or only specific devices.
  12. Click Save.

Installation of AV Defender can take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes on a server operating under normal conditions. You may need to reboot the device after installation.

At the configured time, devices will go into maintenance mode and N-able N-central installs Security Manager.

When completed, you can review the status of the installation on a device. Click ViewsDevices and look for the Security Manager icon in the Features column. It should now appear active (blue). Hover your cursor over the icon for more information.

After you install Security Manager, run a scan.