How to add licenses and upgrade your Take Control account to Take Control Plus

Get the most out of your Take Control account by upgrading to Take Control Plus. You can add licenses to your account or upgrade to Take Control Plus directly from your web-based Admin Area to access new features like real-time session monitoring, registry editing, or batch scripting.

Only Take Control users who purchased Take Control or Take Control Plus online, using the e-commerce process are able to add licenses from within the product. Users who originally purchased Take Control through a sales representative will need to call their Sales rep to add licenses.

  1. Log in to the web-based Admin Area of your Take Control account.
  2. From the navigation options on the left of the screen select Management > Licenses.
  3. The Primary Account Holder is the only user with permission to access the Licensing Information section of Take Control.

  4. Select the Details tab to view the licensing information for your account. Here you can see when your account is up for renewal, the total number of concurrent and End User licenses, and the maximum number of Unattended Agents you can install on your customers' devices.
  5. When you are ready to upgrade your Take Control account to a Take Control Plus account, click Upgrade.
  6. Upgrading to Take Control Plus will not remove any account data.

  7. To add more licenses to your account, click Manage licenses, enter the number of new licenses to add to your account and click Save.

The Upgrade button opens a new tab in your browser, where you are navigated through a shortened version of the e-commerce process. Finishing this process completes your account upgrade.

The Add licenses button is separate from the e-commerce process and invoices your account directly.

Additionally, you will be charged for the highest number of licensed used in a given month. It is not possible to downgrade licenses past your commitment.

All annual licenses renew on the same date. If you upgrade an annual license, you will be charged the difference between the price of Take Control and Take Control Plus, and that difference will be pro-rated for the remainder of the annual term. Your renewal date does not change and all annual licenses renew on the same date.

How Take Control licenses are consumed

Take Control licenses are consumed based on three different "Product Lanes":

  • Web Application (Admin Area)
  • Desktop (Windows and Mac)
  • Mobile ( Android and iOS)

When a user logs in on a different "Lane", that login will consume another License. For example, if a user is logged in on Windows and then logs in from an Android device, that user is now consuming 2 licenses.

However, when a user logs in on a different device type within the same Lane, the log in from the other Lane is logged out.

Example: A user is logged in on Windows and then logs in from a Mac - After the Mac login, the Windows session is logged out. In this scenario, the user will consume 1 license

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