Learn about the Technician console

The Take Control Technician console provides a number of account configuration options, in addition to displaying incoming support requests and starting support sessions. Use the console to chat with other technicians in your company, customize colors for remote sessions, or view your session history.

  • Navigate to the Admin Area link to open the Administrative Area.
  • Click the Chat link to start a chat session with other technicians.
  • Navigate to the Options link to access and configure account settings, like changing your password, or configuring proxy settings. Additional options in this menu include:
    • Play a sound for new support requests
    • Upload session video to the cloud (make sure to configure your video storage location in order to use this feature)
    • Configure default color settings for remote sessions and remember color settings for Agents
    • Automatically launch when Windows opens
    • Change your password
    • Configure proxy settings
    • Try UDP connections first
    • Specify TCP Port 3377 for Gateways
    • Access to the log folder
    • Enable DPI scaling at the Viewer
  • Navigate to History to view the session history for all technicians.
  • Navigate to Inbox to view all Deferred Support Requests submitted by customers and End Users.
  • Click to start a chat session with an Take Control support representative if you have problems with your console.
  • Receive an alert and associated error message for devices with unhealthy connections to the Agent, indicating the device is connected to the Take Control network with limited connectivity and is not connected to a gateway. To prevent this error, make sure the Hardware and software system requirements for Take Control are being met.
  • Click the Chat icon in the top right corner of the viewer to chat with your customers outside of a remote session. This option is available for online devices with the agent installed in both the Windows and Mac Console.

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