Take Control Plus: How to receive CPU/Memory usage alerts

Last Modified

Fri Oct 11 12:57 GMT 2019


  • How to receive alerts about CPU usage.
  • How to receive alerts about Memory usage.
  • How to receive alerts on Services/Processes/Windows events.


  • N-able Take Control Plus (Standalone)


  1. Ensure a Monitoring license is enabled on the target device. For more information, see How to enable Monitoring Licenses on Take Control Plus.
  2. Login to your Admin Area.
  3. Go to Devices.
  4. Select the intended device from the list.
  5. Select the ALERTS tab on the chart below.
  6. Click the + Add alert button.
  7. Fill the form as desired, type in the alert name and select intended rule to be applied.
  8. Click the Add Alert button.
  • Wait a couple minutes for the command to reach the remote device.
  • To accelerate this process restart the remote Take Control Agent:
    1. In the Admin Area > Devices, click the vertical ellipsis icon for that device and select Restart Agent.
    2. You can also do this on the Take Control Technician console by right clicking the target device, located on the MY COMPUTERS list, and hitting Restart Remote Service.