Take Control Viewer (All Versions): How to Reboot the endpoint into safe mode

Last Modified

Mon Dec 28 13:09 GMT 2020


  • This article instructs on how to reboot a remote device into safe mode whilst on a Take Control remote session.


  • N-able Take Control/Take Control Plus (Standalone)
  • N-able N-central
    • Take Control
  • N-sight RMM
    • Take Control (N-able)


  • During a remote session:
  1. Click on Session Options (arrow down icon) on the Viewer's top pane;
  2. Click Restart & Shutdown;
    1. Alternatively use the key shortcut Ctrl + BkSp;
  3. Select Safe restart and reconnect;
  4. Click OK.
  • Note that the device must be able to connect to the Internet while in safe mode e.g. the DNS server(s) must be reachable.
    • Certain setups, such as devices that are not set to automatically connect to a default Wi-Fi network, may require End User input to select the wireless network following a Safe Mode reboot and, consequentially, wouldn't be able to connect.