Take Control (Standalone)/ Take Control (integrated in N-able N-central)/Take Control (N-able): How to change between monitors

Last Modified

Mon Nov 25 11:33 GMT 2019


  • How to change between monitors during a remote control session with Take Control?


  • N-able Take Control/Take Control Plus (Standalone)
  • N-sight RMM
    • Take Control (N-able)
  • N-able N-central
    • Take Control
  • Take Control Viewer version 7.00.00 and onwards


  1. During a remote session, locate the top menu bar;
  2. On the top right corner, click on the Open Monitors Window icon (rectangle with the number of active remote monitors in the middle);
  3. A drop down with a preview of the remote monitors will show;
    • Chose the desired monitor by clicking on it.