Take Control Plus: Disable an End User

Last Modified

Tue Jan 15 16:50 GMT 2019


  • How to disable a End User's Profile, removing it from the visible default Technician's list and revoking access to Take Control for that End User?
  • How to recover an End User slot from a disabled End User?


  • N-able Take Control Plus (Standalone).


  1. Login to your Admin Area;
  2. Navigate to Management > Technicians;
  3. Select the intended End User's Profile from the list;
  4. Disable the Enable this Technician option to disable the Technician's profile;
  5. Uncheck the option User is a customer to free up the End User's license;
    • This step is essential to ensure the End User does not use up a slot even when disabled. If you've previously disabled an End User and have not unchecked this option, use the search filters to show disabled profiles before repeating 3>5.
  6. Save when done (bottom right corner).