N-able Take Control: How to copy permissions from a technician to another

Last Modified

Wed Nov 20 11:35 GMT 2019


  • How to copy permissions from a technician to another


  • N-able Take Control/Take Control Plus (Standalone)


  1. Login to the Admin Area;
  2. Navigate to Management > Technicians;
  3. Select the desired technician;
  4. Click the Copy button on the top right corner;
  5. A pop up window will appear presenting a scrollable technicians list on its right side.
  6. Choose which action you intend to perform regarding the selected technician;
    • Copy to: Copy the selected technician's permissions to another technician (or several technicians) on the presented list;
    • Copy from: Copy permissions from a technician on the presented list to the selected technician.
  7. Tick the permissions you want to copy;
    • If you intend to copy full permissions from one tech to another, click the All button, next to the Settings section;
  8. Click the Copy button;
  9. Save changes.