Take Control: How to add technicians to a Secrets Vault

Last Modified

Mon Oct 22 16:19 GMT 2018


  • steps on how to add technicians to a Secrets Vault


  • N-able Take Control Plus


  1. Navigate to your Admin Area;
  2. Go to Management > Secrets Vaults;
  3. Select the intended vault to be shared;
  4. Select the TECHNICIANS tab on the chart below;
  5. Click the Add button, located on the bottom right corner;
  6. Select the technician(s) you want to share the vault with;
  7. Click the Next button;
  8. The Temporary Shared Secret will appear. You'll need to provide the Temporary Shared Secret to the technician(s) you are adding to the Vault. It will be used on the first configuration of the Vault for each technician;
  9. Check I have copied the Temporary Shared Secret and click the Next button;
  10. Type the Vault's password and click Save;
  11. Click Continue.
  12. The technician(s) must login to the Admin Area;
  13. Go to Management > Secrets Vaults;
  14. Select the shared Vault;
  15. Click Get access to Vault;
  16. Type the temporary Shared Secret and set a password for them to access the Vault;
  17. Click Save.