Take Control: Blank Remote Desktop when Browser is open

Last Modified

Fri Nov 30 13:05 GMT 2018


  • When viewing a home banking website, Take Control no longer displays the Remote Desktop;
  • Once the remote desktop browser is open, remote desktop capture stops.


  • N-able Take Control/Take Control Plus (Standalone)
  • Take Control (N-able N-central)
  • Take Control (N-able) (N-able RMM)


  • This issue is caused by browser security addons/extensions (such as Trusteer and it's Rapport browser component) that forcefully stop image capture as a security feature.
  • Please proceed as follows in order to resolve the issue:
    1. Run the Browser in Safe Mode on the remote device (not allowing any addons/extensions);
    2. Individually enable addons/extensions to verify which one is forcefully blocking image capture;
    3. Uninstall/disable the offending addon/extension;
      • Please note that you may need to request the End User to perform the uninstall, as many addons will block image capture during the uninstall process as well.
      • You may also need to reboot the device after uninstalling/disabling the offending addon.