Take Control: Black screen without Please wait

Last Modified

Thu Apr 30 08:56 GMT 2020


  • When connecting to a remote device, a "Please Wait" message is very briefly displayed on Remote Desktop followed by a black screen with no text.
  • The resolution on the remote display is even numbered/standard.
  • No mirror driver is present.


  • N-able Take Control/Take Control Plus (Standalone)
  • N-able N-central
    • Take Control
  • N-able Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)
    • Take Control (N-able)


  1. Restart the Take Control Agent service and try connecting again.
  2. If the issue persists, try the following:
    • Review if there is a minimized ongoing RDP session to the remote device as this would cancel the display. Closing or opening this RDP session should bring back the desktop.
    • Update the Graphics Adapter (VGA) drivers from official sources (manufacturer or OEM).
    • Review Third-Party Endpoint protection software that may be blocking remote capture to determine if the remote end uses any AV or security software that may include a module to prevent remote image capture. This is particularly common in home-banking security software (For more information, see Take Control: Blank Remote Desktop when Browser is open) or when opening AV options menus (For more information, see Take Control: Kaspersky interfering with remote capture).
    • Some Graphics Adapters may default to not allowing the input desktop to be selected until a monitor is plugged in. You can review if the device has a monitor or other display hardware connected and consider connecting one, even if just temporarily, as this may resolve the issue.