How to permanently delete a technician on Take Control (Standalone)

Last Modified

Tue 12 Jan 17:51 GMT 2021


  • Instructions on how to permanently delete a Technician or an End User, on Take Control Standalone.


  • N-able Take Control/Take Control Plus (Standalone)


  • In order to have a technician and/or end user profile permanently deleted from the Take Control account, please follow the steps below:
  1. Login to the Admin Area.
  2. Navigate to Management > Technicians.
  3. Select the target profile from the list.
  4. On the top right corner, click the Delete button.
    • Only the Main Admin or an Administrator can permanently delete a technician.
  5. A pop up will appear displaying the message "Are you sure you want to delete this Technician? This action cannot be undone.", click Delete.
    • The deleted profile should no longer appear under your Take Control account.
    • Keep in mind this action is irreversible.