How to enable two-factor authentication on Take Control/Take Control Plus

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Thu Aug 13 09:11 GMT 2020


  • How to enable two-factor authentication for technicians on Take Control/Take Control Plus?
  • I want to force my Technicians to use their SSO Two-Factor Authentication to login to the Take Control Admin Area, can I do this?


  • N-able Take Control/Take Control Plus (Standalone).


  • Two-Factor authentication is mandatory for Admins and the account's Main Admin, Technicians and End-Users are not required to setup 2FA but are still heavily recommended to do so.
  • The Technician can setup Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for their N-able Single Sign On (SSO) login as follows:
    1. Have the Technician login to the Admin Area;
      • NOTE: Full access to the Admin Area is not required for 2FA setup. Should AA access not be granted, technicians will still be able to access the "User Menu" (step 2) and complete their MFA setup;
      • For end users have them access the End User Area;
    2. Select the User Menu (top right corner);
    3. Select Two Factor Authentication;
      • This will open the SSO Two-Factor Authentication menu on a new tab.
    4. Download an authenticator app as instructed;
    5. Associate the app with this Tech account using the presented code (QR or alphanumeric);
    6. Save the Recovery Code (This is an extremely important step for account recovery should you lose your 2FA device).
    7. When ready, enter the 6 digit code from your app and click on Confirm Setup.
    • It's also possible to initiate this procedure from the 2FA setup prompt that occurs when logging into either the Admin Area or Desktop Console.
  • Should you, as an Admin or Main Admin, want to force a Technician to have to use the Two-Factor Authentication (meaning that will not be able to login unless they login through SSO with 2FA) - you can do so as follows:
  1. Login to the Admin Area as the Main Administrator or an Admin;
  2. Go to Management >Technicians;
  3. Select the intended technician.
  4. Check the Force Two-Factor Authentication usage option;
    • IMPORTANT: hovering over this option the following message will be shown "Blocks the login if Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is not activated. Please ask the technician to enable 2FA on N-able SSO before using this option";
  5. Click the Save button on the bottom right corner.
  • Note that Technicians will need to setup their Two-Factor Authentication prior to having this option enabled on their profile.
  • Any tech with access to the Admin Area's Management > Technicians menu and appropriate permissions can disable this setting for themselves or other techs. It is important to review Admin Area access Permissions for each Technician under their profile's Permissions options.
  • There is no way to enable/force this setting globally at this time.
  • For further details check Take Control documentation here.