Migration from Local to Hosted

When migrating from Local Cloud to Hosted Cloud, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration and several steps to perform the migration.

How to Migrate

  1. Create an account in the Spam Experts Hosted Cloud by contacting our Sales department
  2. From the Spam Experts dashboard of the existing Local Cloud account, export the following items to CSV files:
  3. Login to the new Hosted Cloud account and import these items in to their respective lists
  4. Update your MX Records

What cannot be migrated

There are a few aspects of the system that cannot be migrated across. These will need to be re-configured directly on the new Hosted Cloud account:

  • Users - Users cannot be exported from the system, but if you have these saved in a .CSV file, they can be imported directly to the new Hosted Cloud account in bulk for each user level from Users & Permissions > Add an Admin / Domain / Email User
  • Outgoing Users - These need to be added manually in the Add an Outgoing User page
  • Settings - Filter settings, Email Restrictions, etc. cannot be exported so will have to be reconfigured manually once migration is complete
  • Logging
  • Quarantined messages