The Spam Experts email filtering service is fully redundant. For more information, see Clustering.

To avoid data loss, the following information should be stored in an additional storage location. There is no backup of this data:

  • Logging data
  • Quarantine data
  • Locally queued emails due to destination server issues
  • Archiving data (unless you have configured mirrored storage)

A copy of the following data is available in real-time on all filtering nodes:

  • All domains, their destination routes, and domain settings

The following data is backed up daily from the primary, and stored on a different Local Cloud server in your setup:

  • Web Interface data
  • All domains, their destination routes, and domain settings

If data needs to be restored from backup, a (re)installation fee is charged.

Spam Experts does not support the creation of snapshots of running servers that would lock the file system. Please ensure that if an external backup is created at storage level, the machine remains fully responsive during the backup and does not get frozen in any way. In cases where an external backup is restored, the re-installation fee to resync all data with our central systems still applies, as the restore will not be in-sync with the live environment.

Unfortunately we cannot allow the R1Soft CDP Agent to run on the systems, as it's known to cause issues and interfere with processes. If you run a virtual server, you can run the agent on the physical system as it won't run in our virtual environment.

Please note that a restore of a R1Soft CDP Agent backup likely breaks the live synchronization, and hence will still require a (paid) manual restore by our engineers to ensure the environment is fully operational again.