Report Spam Using the Thunderbird Add-on

To check supported versions, and to find instructions on installing and managing the Thunderbird Add-on, see Thunderbird Add-On Overview.

  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Navigate to Mail
  3. To report a single message, select the message and click Report Spam

  4. To report single or multiple messages, select the message(s) and right click to open the message menu, then click Report Spam

  5. The message(s) will be reported to us.

For this to work, the emails must contain our headers as well as the standard email headers. If you are unsure, then you can see the headers by using the Ctrl + U shortcut to view the source.

The following is needed to report the message correctly:

  • X-Filter-ID:
  • X-BRANDNAME-Class:
  • X-BRANDNAME-Evidence:
  • X-Recommended-Action:

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